Type Moonshine
Country USA
State Tennessee
producer Tenn South Distillery
Proof 100
Portfolio Nashville, Chattanooga
FORMATS 750M, 375M, 50ML
DESCRIPTION We use local Giles County white corn, pure cane sugar, and a copper pot still to create All Purpose Shine. We start with an authentic Tennessee moonshine recipe. The mash is uncooked corn and pure cane sugar fermented with our special yeast in open top vats. The moonshiners used this technique because they didn't want to risk a fire to cook the mash. A batch of shine would only require one fire for the distillation, decreasing the chance of detection. This recipe also optimizes the flavor and mouthfeel of the unaged spirit. Taste it against our competition. We are confident you will agree that this is the finest white liquor available.

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